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newChefMaTe Intérnåtiønàl

The new cookbook, easy to use, but powerful! An application made by a chef for the Chef.

Easy to use, because a Chef has no time to waste with computers.

Powerful, because Chefs are required for high quality results in short time!

Food-cost analysis, dish production cards, duties planning for the kitchen staff, customized menus, nutrients calculation... no problem with ChefMaTe International!
From the little restaurant to top level hotels, community kitchens, pastry shops, bars, catering, banqueting, kitchen schools: every cook, professional or not, can find in ChefMaTe International an exceptional chef mate!

Easy of use

The interface of ChefMaTe Intérnåtiønàl is very similar to a web site: all the sections of the program are accessible from any point simply with one click and as in a web site you can move backward and forward in recently visited screens.
The visualizations as lists allow extremely fast searches and rapid groupings: just one click needed to find all elements of a certain type or with similar characteristics.

Application structure

ChefMaTe Intérnåtiønàl is based on a modular structure: the environments from which it is composed can be assembled according to necessity. It will be possible to purchase only the needed modules and upgrade the program according to real necessities.
At the moment are available only the modules "Users and preferences" and "Cookbook", essential to start.
Next to come the module "Suppliers, customers, staff and duty table" later, will be available also "F&B management" and "Estimates, invoices, charterings"


ChefMaTe International is a single user application: it is possible to install it on a single computer or on a LAN in a shared folder, so it can be accessed from different computers, but always only one user at a time...
To use it in a multi user configuration on a network, a license of FileMaker Pro 8.5 or better will be required for each computer. More info about FileMaker Pro

System requirements

Windows XP

Windows XP (service pack 2) - Windows 2000 - Windows Vista
Pentium 4 a 500 MHz o sup
100 Mb disk space -
Display 1024x768

Mac OS
Mac OSX 10.3.9 or better
PowerPc G4 or better (Universal Binary application: Intel Core Duo recommended)
100 MB disk space
Display 1024x768

The Cool Cookbook !?

For each chef, recipes are both working tools and know-how treasure.
A software to archive recipes on a pc can help, but isn't enough: in high level kitchen lot of functions are needed.
With ChefMaTe you can input recipes with your preferred servings and have them scaled for the required production. But this is a simple feature: any kitchen software can do this. With ChefMaTe you can do much more: take a look...


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